Greetings, friend, and welcome to my home on the interwebs!

I'm a veterinarian, but probably not that kind you're picturing. I get most excited about the interactions between animals, humans, and our shared natural world.

I love seeing the big picture, solving problems, and having fun along the way. I like exploring how technology can help, not hurt, and bringing solutions to my colleagues and the world at large.

I'm an entrepreneur and have built, bought, and sold a few businesses. A couple of bad failures, and a couple of decent successes, as it often goes. As a military veterinarian, I was privileged to serve and deploy with the Navy SEALs and train with our allies in 20+ countries.

I wrote most of the material on this site between 2011 and 2014. Maybe one day I'll start writing more again. But until then, please explore and enjoy. Further up and further in!

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